About Us


Greg at Wascana Wood Floors has been keeping Regina area homes hardwood floors looking their best for over 20 years. Wascana Wood Floors has the job experience and expertise in all aspects of hardwood floor refinishing, re-staining, installation and repairs. There isn’t much that we have not seen before. We can also supply hardwoods and install new product. Greg personally guarantees satisfaction of workmanship and responsible work ethic.

Wascana wood Floor refinishers Regina




  • Because they have the experience and knowledge to build you a beautiful, durable floor that will last the life of your home.
  • As Regina’s premier dustless sanding company, our customers breathe easy, not only from the benefits of our dustless sanding, but also from our service structure that ensures their job is finished on time, on budget and with 100% satisfaction.
  • Instead of spending time and energy on creating a showroom to show off our talents and technology, we save it for our customers. The pride of our work speaks through our customer referrals.
  • We also have the industry knowledge to guide you to the best flooring decision for your unique situation, taking into account your lifestyle, budget and preferences.
  • Families, especially those with children, are becoming more aware of the importance of preventing allergies and health problems in the home. That’s why so many home owners are taking up their carpets and either refinishing the hardwood floors underneath them or installing new ones.
  • Hardwood floors not only give you a cleaner, healthier living space, they can also increase the value of your home and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.
  • Wascana Wood Floors dust containment system means we can now perform dustless sanding of your hardwood floors in any home or business, beautiful results without the dust and mess! Give Greg a call to have your hardwood floor refinished professionally without the mess!